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Talk to MysticalMillette - Clairvoyance and Pendulum in San Fernando now. 25-30 years of experience in Pendulum. Welcome and please read my profile before asking questions I do not do readings in free chat privates only. Please have questions ready when going into private. I DO NOT DO GENERAL READINGS!!!!! Please read my profile and reviews..... I do not do general readings. Direct questions only! Hello and Welcome to Mystical Adventures. My room is very active with spirits playing in the cam. You never know who or when they are going to decide to entertain us. So come sit and enjoy the positive atmosphere of the room. Spirits are in my home on a daily basis and you never know who is going to show up. So The Adventure is different every night. Stop by and see Us. Please do not ask for a demo or free questions in free chat. Please do not ask for a yes or no questions and I would rather give you an accurate answer in private where i can look at your situation instead of a semi accurate answer. If your rude and demanding you will be kicked and or banned from my room. This is a positive atmosphere and negative attitudes will not be tolerated. I am a 45 yr old single mother of 4 wonderful boy. One who is in the Marines. I have known about my gifts since I was a small child. Discover that I was a Witch at the age of 8. I get alot of visions during readings along with my guides talking to me. I do not do general readings as my guides will freak out and show me a million pictures at once. So please keep in mind you need to ask direct questions. I have a lot of compassion and understanding in someones time of need and will spend as much times as they need to help them threw their problems. I dont need to tools during my readings. I do have a pendulum and Shape shifter cards which are a form of Tarot but much different. I dont need them but do use them when clients request them. My youngest child is also a gifted medium and warlock. He is learning day by day more about his gifts. He is also learning spell work by assisting me during my spell work. He is very good at reading candle wax as well. He can sometimes see shapes that I dont see that gives alot of insight to my work. In private you will get all the answers you need to your questions. I do get descriptions of ppl at times along with locations. I will also give you tools to help in problems with your man. How to get him to understand ur feelings without having to argue to get them across. I can also give times frames that are usually 90% accurate. My guides are very pushy when it comes to messages that really need to be given so pls bare with me when they feel that you need to know messages even if it isnt what you have asked. I answer all questions but if my guides feel you should know something then I will also include that in the reading. Example I had a client want to know about a man but my guides knew there was a reason she couldnt get close to this man and when i told her what they where showing me it touched home and made her realize that she had to work on her before this man could come into her life the way she wanted him too. So we worked on what she needed to do in order for this man to come. so sometimes the underlying has to be addressed before your true desires can be reached. I will help you with all of that. I work in many ways to help you get to where you need to be within yourself and in your life. So please dont hesitate to take me to private so we can get the answers you need and the guidance you need to get you on the right path in your life and within yourself. I also provide email readings. Please be specific with your questions and include pictures of you and anyone else you want me to look at as I can get alot more from pictures. My email Readings are long and give alot of details on what you have asked along with anything else that my guides see. Include as much information as possible because the more info the better I can connect with you. B-day, pictures, time of birth, full names etc Thank you and have a blessed day

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